Saturday, May 28, 2016

Word shortcut – Part 2

This is the Continuation of the Word shortcut – Part 1
Menus and toolbars
Alt or F1o: selects menu bar, or closes an open menu and submenu at the same time.
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab: select a task pane or toolbar after pressing F1o or Alt to select the menu bar. Pressing the reptedly moves the focus among the open toolbars, menu bars, and task pane.
Tab or Shift+Tab: selects next or previous button or menu after a menu bar or toolbar is selected.
Enter: opens selected menu, or performs the action for the selected button or command.
Shift+FIO: displays shortcuts menu for the selected item.
Alt+spacebar: display the title bar shortcut menu.
Down arrow or up arrow: selects next or previous command when menu or submenu is open.
Left arrow or right arrow: selects menu to left or right. Switches between main menu and submenu is open.
Home or end: selects first or last command on menu or submenu.
Esc: closes open menu. Close only submenu when submenu is open.
Shift+down arrow: opens selected menu.
Ctrl+down arrow: display full set of commands when shortened menu is open.
Alt+ctrl+=: adds a toolbar button to a menu. Use this shortcut combo and then click a toolbar button to add the button to the appropriate menu. E.g., clicking Bullets button on formatting toolbar adds Bullets command to format menu.
Alt+Ctr+-: removes commands from a menu. Use this shortcut combo and then select a menu command to remove it.
Alt+Ctrl++: customizes shortcut for a menu command. Use this shortcut combo and then select a menu command: the Customize board dialog box opens so you can add, change, or removes the shortcuts .
Ctrl+F1: opens task pane or hides current tast pane.
F6: activate currently open task pane window.
Ctrl+Tab: activate task pane window when a menu or toolbar is active (Pressing Ctrl+Tab more than once may be required at times)
Ctrl+spacebar: open task pane menu.
Alt+ Home: goes to the getting started task pane.
Alt+Left arrow: reverses sequence of task panes you open.
Alt+right arrow: repts sequence of task panes you open.
Esc: closes a menu if one is currently open, or go back to the document.
Tab or Shift+Tab: select a next or previous option in the task pane when a task pane is active.
Down arrow or up arrow: moves among choices in a selected submenu: moves among certain option in a group of option.
Spacebar or Enter: opens selected menu, or performs the action assigned to selected button.
Shift+F1o: opens a shortcut menu in a document: open a drop-down menu for the selected gallery item.
Home or End: selects first or last command on the menu or submenu when a menu or submenu is visible.
Page up or page down: scrolls up or down in selected gallery list.
Ctrl+Right arrow or Ctrl+ Left arrow: expands or collapses a collapsible item in gallery list.
Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End: moves to top or bottom of selected gallery list.

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