Saturday, May 28, 2016

8 board Shortcuts

board shortcutsare always handy to use and help you to stop mousing around and become a board maestro. 8 is an excellent operating system for tablets or computers with touch screens, but like most of us do not have a touchscreen computer that makes us dysfunctional to use 8.
8 board Shortcuts will help you to get the work done faster on 8, but also help you to save time and effort.

8 board Shortcuts (very useful) – It shows the home screen interfaceWin + B– You change to Classic windowWin + C– Open the menu where you can srch, share and change the system configuration.Win + D– You change the old desktop interfaceWin + E– You open ExplorerWin + F– Opens the Metro browserWin + H– ShareWin + I– Open the control panel where you can make changes to the currentappliion, raise or lower the volume, set up wireless networks, turn off the computer or adjust the brightnessWin + K– You open the device paneWin + L– You lock the PC and displays the login screenWin + M– Minimizes all and displays the desktopWin + O– Lock the device orientationWin + P– Choose from the available viewsWin + Q– SrchWin + R– Switch to Classic and shows you the Run BoxWin + U– Changes to Classic and opens the Access CenterWin + V– Displays notifiionsWin + W– Open the srch screen in the configurationWin + X– Open the Start menuWin + Y– Open the desktop temporarilyWin + Z– Open the appliion bar on any appliion MetroWin + Page Up / Page Down– Move tiles to the left or rightWin + Tab– You open the menu to switch between appliions at Metro, change appliionWin +, (comma)– Shows Aero to your desktopWin +. (Point)– Sets the Metro appliion that is open to the right of the screenWin + Shift +. (Point)– Sets the Metro appliion that is open to the left of the screenWin + Space– You change the language and boardWin + Shift + V– Reverse cycle through toastsWin + Enter– Opens the narratorWin + Arrow – You change to the Classic view and allows Aero

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