Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to Crte Group Chat on Facebook

Facebok is one of the famous social network website. Facebook allows you to post updates on your profile(wall), updates can be text, photo or . Your friends on Facebook can give comments on your status by using the box given benth the update. Recently, Facebook rolled out the new chat bar with some improvements and calling. Beside these ftures, it has come with the capability to make group chats. With this, you can make group chats with your friends on Facebook. You decide which friend to include in the chat and which to not. Here is a short guide explaining how you can use the Facebook group chat.
Step 1Login to your Facebook account. If you don’t have Facebook account mns crte an account and login to your account. In your right side of the page you will see crte group button. Have a click on it.

Step2After clicking crte group you will see a window like this. Enter your group name in the window for example I entered school. Then add some particular friends who are all in your Facebook friends list. You can add any of friends in the group. You can also set privacy for your account. The privacy may be open(Members and content are public), closed(Members are public, content is private) and Secret(Members and content are private)

Step3Then click the crte button. Now your groups get crted. Then you will see lot of options say chat with group, add friends to your group and lve your group. Now the group is crted and you can chat with the group. like this you can add any of groups to your account.

After crting the group click edit group and crte a Facebook mail address to your group. Now you can share the email address to all friends and enjoy group chatting with your friends.

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