Saturday, May 28, 2016

Crte a Whitelist for Emails in Gmail

Did you hrd about the word “Whitelist”? whitelist mn important mail. If you have been expecting an important mail then you can add its email address into Gmail whitelist so that it must rch your inbox.
First you make a contactlist.then make manually whitelist. Following steps are use to crte whitelist.
Login to yourGmail AccountClick on thegrsbutton and then selectSettingsoption from the drop down listIn your Settings window click on theFilterstab and then click onCrte a New Filter.In theFromfield add the Email Addresses or the names of the people whom you would like to be in your Whitelist. You can also add multiple people at once just separate them withORsign or withbar(|) sign.Once you have added all the people then click onCrte filter with this Srch
crte whitelistCheck theNever send it to Spambox and click onCrte Filter.
gmail whitelistNow when you will receive Emails from these people then all the Emails will be delivered into your inbox not in Spam folder. You can also update your filter anytime.

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