Saturday, May 28, 2016

Install 7 through USB Drive/PenDrive

My previous article was about to install xp now here i m again with new article on installing 7 or vista through pendrive.Installing through pendrive has a grt use in case your optical drive is not working . Let see how to install 7 through pendrive.
1). USB/ Download Tool(Link to Download)
Required to Run this s/w in xp
i. .Net FrameWork 2.0(Download) ii. Mastering API v 2(Download)
2). Iso of 7Follow the steps to make your pendrive rdy for installation-
Step1: Download and install usb/ download tool in your system.Step2: Run the software and browse for iso file of 7.(if you dont have a file ,you can make it through magic iso software , if you have a other format of file such as .nrg you can also convert into iso file through magic iso as well )
Step 3: After pressing Next select your pendrive in the USB Device option.Step 4: Now press Begin Copying. Step 5: It ask for format your pendrive just format it. After that it will automatically begin to copy the files from your iso to your pendrive.Now your pendrive is rdy to boot .

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