Saturday, May 28, 2016

How To Import Your Facebook Contacts to Google+

Facebook and Google plus are social plus is launch by Google. One of the negatives to setting up and using a new social media platform like Google+ is crting your contact lists all over again. Many of you might be hesitant to get involved with Google+ because your community is alrdy established on Facebook. If this is the only thing keeping you from trying out the new platform, there is a simple way around this roadblock. Here are the steps to migrate your Facebook friends to Google+.

how move the contacts from facebook to google plusSteps Using a Yahoo Account
Step 1.First log into your Yahoomail account, click on the contact tab and select the option ‘ Import Now’.
Step 2.Now you will automatically be redirected to a page with 4 options. Click on the Facebook Icon for contact transfer.
Step 3.Simultaneously, log on to your Facebook account, there will be a pop-up, which will Yahoo’ option.
Step 4.Now, import Facebook contacts to your Yahoo Account.
Step 5.Log on to your Google+ Account, go to your ‘Circles’ page.
Step 6.Now, click on ‘Find and Invite’. After this step click on ‘Yahoo Import’ and authorize your Yahoo account there.
Step 7.All your Facebook contacts will be transferred to your Yahoo account. Thus, you will find all your Facebook contacts on Google+, ‘Find and Invite’ page. Drag all your friends to the ‘Circle‘. You can use the same steps to import contacts fromFacebook to Hotmailand then to Google+.
Tips For Android Users
There’s a good news for all you Android Phone users. Besides getting to use the Instant Upload and the Huddle apps by Google+ you can also import contacts fromFacebook to Gmaildirectly. If contacts on your android phone is not synced alrdy, then you can go the Settings option, choose Account and Sync. Then ‘check in’ the option Auto-sync. Sync your Facebook and Gmail accounts and all your contacts will be synced to Gmail.
Google+ has the following ftures which makes it different from other social networking sites-
Circles:The coolest fture of Google+ is ‘Circles’. This enables sorting out your friends sily. You can make different circles for school friends, college friends, family members and acquaintances too. This fture does not limit at that, it also allows you to control the data you share very sily. You can make your status or your pictures visible to just one of the circle’s or a particular individual and even choose to chat with a particular circle without being visible to others. All you need to do is drag people to the circles you want them to be in. This definitely has an edge over Facebook’s ftures for information sharing as customization is not so sy.Hangouts:This is a multi-user, free chat service. It allows upto 10 people to chat at a time and they can also watch YouTube s together. Not just that, you can also discuss the and put your comments while the is on.Spark:Here’s another grt fture of Google+. Spark enables you to add your interests, for example say, Hiking, Skiing or Metallica and it will provide you with all the relevant data that the web has and you can share the pages you like with others. You can add circles or individuals to any page and share it.Huddle:Huddle on Google+ is a chat service, where you can chat with all your friends at the same time. You can even restrict your chat to a particular circle or an individual. Google+ has also launched a phone appliion, only available to android phone users. This mobile appliion enables you to have a text based group-chat with all your friends and intimates you with a push text every time you get a new message.Instant Upload:This is a tool that makes photo sharing sier with fast uploads. Google+ has launched Instant Upload, mobile appliion. It enables you to share the data directly on Google+, if you take pictures or photos using the Instant Mobile appliion. The transferred data is stored on Google+ and you can choose to publish it at your convenience.Othre way
Open up the Friends to Gmail webapp. It is loed at: “Connect with Facebook” and type in your Facebook username and(if not alrdy logged in) to connect your account. Allow Friends to Gmail to access your basic information and your friends’ information. You can alwaysremove this accesslater.Wait for the app to find all of your friends and load the information into a text box.Select all of the text in the box and copy it.Open up Excel, or another program that can save comma-separated values (.csv) files. Paste everything in the box into a new document.Save the document as facebook.csvin a place you will remember. Make sure to select “All Files” for document type so it’s not saved as a text file.Log in to your Gmail account. On the left-hand menu, select “Contacts” and then “Import Contacts”.In the box that pops up, choose the facebook.csvfile to import. You may want tocrte a new groupcalled “Facebook Friends” or “Imported from Facebook” for these contacts.In the box that pops up, choose the facebook.csvfile to import. You may want tocrte a new groupcalled “Facebook Friends” or “Imported from Facebook” for these contacts.

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