Saturday, May 28, 2016

Add Symbols to Your Facebook Updates

Although there are plenty of emoticons that work with Facebook Chat, typing “:)” into Facebook’s status bar will not magically transform into a smiley yellow face. In fact, the only symbol you can crte in a Facebook status update through the shortcut is a ♥, by typing “

facebook symbols

While this won’t bother many Facebook users, others more used to punctuating their missives can copy and paste web-happy, universal symbols into the box, as you can see in the screen grab above.

PC users can also access some symbols by hitting “alt” + various combinations (on a numerical pad). Like this
Step1: Turn on your board’s Lock.
Step 2: Hold down theAlt, then type one of the s listed below on the numeric pad.
Here’s a list of some of the more popular symbols you might want to use:
Alt-1Happy face
Alt-2Sad face
Alt-13Single musical note
Alt-14Double musical note
Alt-0169Copyright symbol
Alt-01881/4 symbol
Alt-01891/2 symbol
Add Symbols on FacebookIf you’re a laptop user and your board doesn’t have a numeric pad, your best bet is to copy your desired symbol from another source, likeFacebook Emoticons. Just bookmark the page and pull it up in another tab as needed.

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