Saturday, May 28, 2016

Facebook Login Background

Change Facebook Login Background Using Chrome Extension! Tired of boring and same old Facebook background ? Yes? Even we! At lst they should change login page. But its been a long time that we have seen only ftures being added and there is no graphics update on Facebook.
Well here we found a good Google Chrome extension which gives all authority to user. It’s time to Refresh your Facebook with your own custom homepage design! Something like Twitter background change.
Facebook Refresh!Facebook Refresh is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to set a custom URL as your Facebook homepage wallpaper. Well the grt advantage is, you can customize your Facebook login page at anytime and endlessly! Yes, you can change the background how much ever time you like
Follow the steps given to enjoy Facebooking,

Step 1:Download Facebook Refresh extension here.
Step 2:Installed? Now type chrome://extensions/ on URL bar.
Step 3:Click on the Options below to Facebook Refresh extension. It will open a new tab asking for URL.

Step 4:Now goto any website and get the URL like, and click on Save.

Tech Tip: Srch for a of your screen resolution for better usage
Step 5:You are done! Now goto and see the change.

Liked it? Hope so.This extension uses CSS with minimal JavaScript. This mns that it is very fast loading. The current default background is loaded externally from a domain. It may take longer for it to load the first few times.
But the only disadvantage is you can’t use s in your desktop “file://” ( on your hard-drive) is not currently supported by Chrome. However, you can use some free hosting sites. So as of now plse make sure your URL begins with “http://”.
Hope you liked the extension. Plse provide your feedback and share your experience with us

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