Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to delete facebook profile

Deleting and dctivating a Facebook profile are two different things. It has to be clarified here because some users might get confused. While you dctivate your account you lve Facebook and no one can loe your Profile and interact with you in private messages. If you choose to lve Facebook permanently you can delete your account and go completely off. Of you ever wish to join Facebook again you need to start from the beginning and make a new account.

There are different methods of deleting your Facebook account. Online users nowadays spend excessive time on Facebook and this to some extent hampers their rl life activities. Due to these rson students who have extra burden of studies, or employed people who have lot of tasks to do daily and are unable to manage their Facebook profile delete their accounts.
There can be other rsons too, as some Facebook users have personal rsons and insecurities due to which they delete their account. Apart from the rsons it is important to lrn the method of deleting your profile, if you are rlly looking forward to it. Keep in mind to save any important pictures or data that you have on Facebook before going of permanently. While you are looking to delete your account you will be given a time period of fourteen days. During these fourteen days you can change your decision or make important changes to your going account.You can contact Facebook directly for deleting your account. All you have to do is mail them at and request tem to delete your account. You can even specify. If you have any obvious rsons. Wait for an email that will come as reply of conformation that your account has been deleted. If you face difficulty in contacting them you can rch Facebook support at and also.You can delete your Facebook page directly. Go to the page having the option of deleting your account. Follow the simple steps and reenter your , your email id, and the Captcha .Now all you have to do is, refrain yourself from logging in your Facebook account for fourteen days and after that your account will be permanently deleted.

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