Saturday, May 28, 2016

How To Remove Facebook Timeline Completely

Timeline is one of the facebook fture.If you want to remove facebook timeline completely,you should follow the following steps.This is a browser trick ,so if you have enabled Timeline in your profile it will be visible to all your friends but you will still see your old profile i.e Timeline will be disabled only in your browser.Facebookhasn’tlaunched the Timeline for Internet explorer 7 orrlierversions. So,by switching the user at to IE 7 your Timeline gets automatically disabled.
Open yourFirefoxbrowser and installUser At Switcher Addonin it.
Once it has installed,Restartyour browser.Navigate toTools>> Default User At>> Internet Explorerand Choose Internet Explorer 7.Now login to yourFacebook Accountand open yourProfilepage.Now it will open in the older layout but you may getadditionalwhite spaces in it . To remove these spaces just installFB Purity Extensionin your browser Then Just refresh and your old profile layout is back

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