Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to delete friends on Facebook

Facebook can be termed as a social giant that has several million users online. Nowadays, online users make Facebook account for different purposes. Some use Facebook for the purpose of socializing with their friends and family and stay in touch with those who live far way. Some people use Facebook for the promotion of their business by crting business pages on Facebook. Some people use Facebook for the purpose of enjoying different appliions and games which are supported.

There are special pages on Facebook which are linked with famous personalities belonging to media, , science, politics or any other field. Facebook can be regarded as a mini world where there are many ids, thoughts and minds being shared. If used in a positive manner Facebook can yield tremendous benefits and can also help in crting awareness for any special cause or issue.
As told above online users make account on Facebook for different purposes. Many people add friends and also get friend requests from time to time. But, sometimes there can be issues in cyber world also and a Facebook user might want to stop interacting with any of the friends, there can be a of different rsons to it. Just like adding friends removing or deleting them off your Facebook account is also an sy process.

With the help of account button loed at the right top corner, click the option of ‘Edit Friends’Now select the option of ‘All connections’, which is loed above the ‘Find Friends’ optionNow you can view all of the friends and different groupsNow if you want to remove any friend just click on the ‘x’ button that is used to remove the connection

There is another sy process that you can do, while visiting the profile of your friend whom you want to delete.
While you are on the profile of that person look for three tabs and click on the first one ‘Friends’While you click on it there is a last option that says ‘Unfriend’Click on that confirmation pop up will appr and click on ‘Remove from Friends’

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