Saturday, May 28, 2016

How To Recovering a Facebook Account

Facebook is a famous social network.some times your Facebook account had .Ifyour accountis or compromised you can recover it sily with the help of Facebook. Here is the solution which helps you to recover your Facebook Account.

1st way
Step 1.If you still loginyour accountand think your Facebook Account is compromised. Go to ask Facebook to SECUREYOUR ACCOUNT.

Recovering a Facebook Account
Step 2.After the confirmation, Facebook lockedyour account, you can’t use it yet, the scammer can’t access it either. Now complete the Facebook form to Unlockyour Account.

2nd way
Step 1.If scammer who your accountchanges your and you can,t loginyour account, again go to this link this time facebook will help you to regain control ofyour account.

identify facebook account
Step 2.Now Facebook will ask you to Enter Your Email Address or Your Facebook User name or Your Name and Friends name to identify yourself, so that you can regain control ofyour account.

Step 3.After completing the form you can recover your facebook account sily. Once you’ve recoveredyour account, be sure to set up thesdvanced security fturestoyour account. And always use theseTips to Avoid Facebook Scams. Don’t forget to join us onFacebookfor updates.

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