Saturday, May 28, 2016

make photo folder

Any Folder as a Photo FolderThis tricks shows you how to setup any folder to display its contents as a photo folder. In many cases, you save your s/photos in a folder different than "My Pictures" (under "My Documents"). Since this folder you choose is just like any other normal folders, its contents displayed as a listing of files. You can temporary change it by just right-click and select "View" >> "Thumbnails". But if you want to change the folder so that everytime you come back, the folder itself, as well as all its subfolders, display the contents as photo thumbnails.
Here's How

Right-click on the folder you choose and select "Properties"
Select "Customize" Tab. Then under "Use this folder type as a template", select "Pictures (best for many files)"
Check on "Also apply this template to all subfolders" to apply the setting to subfoders as well
Click OK to exit

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