Saturday, May 28, 2016

How To Sell A Website

In last few yrs I have seen that a lot of people are facing problems to buy or sell a website. Rlly it is not sy to sell. Moreover all types of websites are not sy to sell. As examples think that your site is fully dependent on you personally. Do you think that any one will sily interested to buy it? Personal blogs and sites that sell products you personally crte come to mind as being dependent on the owner.

So here I am giving some tips about how to sell a website:First you have to keep the clr report with prove about your websites financial and visitor traffic . You have to remember that if a prospective buyer looks at your website they will first focus on your websites financial and visitor traffic s in the past yr or two.Sometimes this becomes the base of their offer price on these s.
Next you have to Keep Good Records because it’s a buyer’s market and most of the buyers will not take your word on anything. So you have to hold on to proof of payments and proof of expenses and you have to enter them into QuickBooks. At lst you can make a sprdsheet in the format of a profit and loss statement. Plse remember that to get an offer and get close to dl both is not same. So don’t forget to keep the dates and amounts accurate. Buyers can be nervous if they feel you are guest mating the s or the dates.
Thirdly if you don’t have Google Analytics then install it quickly because buyers pretty much universally want to see Google Analytics. It is true that the more history, the better.
You need to list your phone otherwise you may be loose some of your most serious buyers.Because some times the more interested buyers like to contact quicker and more directly so don’t list your email address only because it isn’t fast enough for them. So try to list your phone .
Finally you have to consider about anything that can you’re your buyer hesitant to buy your site if the roles are reserve. You have to try to fix that before you go to market. If you have a content writer for your site then make sure that he’ll stick around after the sale. If you sell products, make sure your vendors are willing to work with a new owner. Buyers don’t like surprises and will exit a dl quickly if something unexpected and bad pops up.

So hope these sy tips will help you to see a website. Enjoy…

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