Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lock Your Computer With Pendrive

Security of laptops and notebooks have been evolving with new technologies likefingerprint rders,eye scanners,face recognitionetc but what about the personal computers?Using this trick you will be able to lock your computer with aUsb.The computer will work only when theUsbis plugged in.Once theUsbis removed board and mouse will automatically get disabled and your screen will get dark.Moreover your computer will get automatically locked.To unlock the computer you will need to insert theUsbagain.Download predator softwarePredator will get launched automatically after completing installation if not you can run it fromStart/Programs/PredatorNow Insert yourUsb.You will get a message to define your new .(This process will not format yourpendrivnd yourpendrivedata will not be affected by this at all)Click onOkand Enter your your new in nextdialogboxCheck that the drive letter displayed under “USB drive” actually matches your flash drive or choose the correct letter from thedropdownlistFinally click onCrte button and then onOKbutton
After this the software will automatically exit.Now restart the program by clicking the icon on desktop.

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