Saturday, May 28, 2016

How To Change Your Friends Status On Facebook

Mozilla Firefox 5.0 or laterFirefox Plugin: Firebug (Download here: you are rdy with these two materials, you are rdy to start your trick. I admit that this trick is just to play pranks on friends and not a rl method. Facebook accounts cannot be legally due to top level security.After installing Firebug, make sure that you have restarted your Firefox browser.Then first Log in to your Facebook account.
Go to your Friend’s Wall/Timeline.
Choose any one of the status you want to edit.For example i select this status

Keep mouse pointer exactly at the text of the status and selectInspect element.

Then you will be seeing a window which opens at the bottom of the browser. Now just srch your friend’s status that you want to edit. For example see the below picture.

After editing you can see like this

You can find that your friend’s status has been modified with your text.
After refreshing the page, you will be finding that his/her status modified to original. So do the following to make your friend to believe that you have his/her Facebook account.
Close the Firebug Window and make a screenshot. Upload to your Facebook Albums. Show your Friends that you your friend’s account.You can follow this method to edit your friend’s comment too.

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