Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to delete facebook group

Facebook has many user groups and communities that are active for different purposes and belong to different users. Most of the groups belong to any cause, celebrity, or a joint purpose that can include socializing benefits. Facebook groups can be crted sily if you alrdy have a Facebook account. Different methods are used to draw Facebook users towards your page and enjoy interacting with people. For instance, there a group related to arts and entertainment.

People, who are fond of media, , media personalities, and other arts and entertainment subjects, will gather at the same platform. They can criticize, share information and also help ch in other different matters. These groups can come out as a grt source of information for the collective minds possessing the same interests.It must be noted that groups having no members at all are deleted by Facebook tm automatically. You can only delete a group if you enjoy an admin status over there. Before deleting the group you need to remove all of it members and then lve at the last. If you lve rlier you will have to rejoin the group and get promoted to an admin with the help of others. This can become quite complex, but, if you take care of the points you will be able to delete a Facebook group that you handle.

Go to the group page that you want to delete from Facebook. You can find the page in the navigation bar that is loed on the left side. If you are unable to find the group directly you can go and srch for the group in the Facebook srch bar.After you have loed the page look for ‘Edit Group Settings’ and change the group to a ‘Secret’ group. This will make sure that members you are going to delete will not be able to look for the group again.While viewing the members click the option of ‘See All’ and you can delete the members sily.Before removing yourself remove any other people acting as an admin of the group.When you are the last person remaining after deleting all others you can remove yourself. You will get a notifiion saying, if you remove yourself from the group and it has no members remaining, the group will shut down automatically.

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