Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to Zoom Photos on Facebook

Facebook is one of the famous social network website. Facebook allows you to post updates on your profile(wall), updates can be text, photo or . Your friends on Facebook can give comments on your status by using the box given benth the update. You can also see other’s photos on the homepage of the Facebook. Sometimes, you may need to enlarge – zoom the photo to see the small objects in the photo. Though Facebook does not have any fture for this, you can use aGoogle ChromeExtension.

The Google Chrome Extensions called FB Photo Zoom lets you zoom the photos on the Facebook site. Just Download this extensions and install it. Download FB Photo Zoom for Google Chrome.Then after, go to the Facebook site and mouse hover any picture and the extension will zoom the picture. The photo must be zoomable in order to zoom it. It’s rlly a grt extension for Google Chrome and light-weight, too.

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