Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to dctivate facebook account

Internet has become a major source of socialization over the past yrs. Finding an old high school friend or looking for a lost colue, it provides you the best way to srch for the intimate people in your life. Another major advantage is that you can keep as many accounts as you can with different e-mail addresses.

Facebook is considered one of the major sources on internet to crte an online community of your friends and even to share the interesting information with friends on daily basis. Apart from keeping a good record of your friends you can also promote your products by crting a page or crte a community page to have a specific topic shared with friends. The of account requires some sy steps as well as its de. The process of de can be done by opening the account settings and selecting the desired action to be done.If due to some personal condition you don’t want to continue with the current account then the option of dctivating is always there with you. For dctivating the Facebook account it involves some sy steps.On the top right of your Facebook page you can find account menu. Click on the barAfter selection of account menu, move to account settingsOn left hand menu, go to the security option givenBy clicking on the “dctivate your account”, you can dctivate your account in just few simple stepsAfter de of your account, your information cannot be accessed by anyone on Facebook and friends cannot srch you with the specific information given by you.

Once the account is dctivated, your information will not be lost, yet the people cannot access the information online and that could be only possible when you rctivate your account. Rctivating the account only requires your login and . All the information is restored and once you log in your friends list as well as the photos or other information shared with others will be restored automatically. However, the information during the period of de will not be shared and cannot be accessed once you log in.

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