Saturday, May 28, 2016

How To Download Facebook Messenger App

Facebook has recently launched the appliion named as Facebook messenger. It is a standalone chat appliion.Facebook messenger is use to chat wieh friends without opening Facebook in browser ,similar to Gtalk and Yahoo messenger but with somdditionalftures.

Facebookhas relsed it for only a specific group people for testing purpose. It somehow got on Internet and now Facebook hasofficiallyrelsed for public you can download it from thislink. Currently this app is only for Window 7 users. Facebook hasn’t launched it for other older version of .

When you will be done with your installing process the messenger window will be open and prompt you to Login. Just click on the Login button in the messenger’s window.

Now the Facebook login page will be open in your default browser (if you are not alrdy logged in).
Login into your account and you will see a pop message from your system trayYou are logged into Messenger.

To Logout from this Facebook Messenger open homepage of your Facebook Account and logout or just go to your system tray, right click on theFacebookicon and click on the log out button.

Always make sure you log out from your Facebook Messenger and click on Exit button otherwise if you directly close the App it will minimize into system tray and you will stay logged in.

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