Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to Make an Animated GIF from a YouTube

Although you will get offer from Twitter and some other sites to use their tools to make an animated GIF but they are not good enough. Moreover there is no other perfect software for this amazing work. So it is better that try yourself to make an animated GIF from YouTube .

Here is some guideline hope to help you.

1st Step: (You have to download the ):
First think that you’re starting with a YouTube as your source. First you have to must download the . Although some YouTube s offer a download button but for most, you have to probably need to grab a file downloading extension for your browser. It is up to you which tools you are going to use for downloading the .

2nd Step: (you have to convert the to .MOV):
is finicky when it comes to file formats, so you have to convert the FLV or m4v file format you downloaded from YouTube into a .MOV file. The c and sy way to convrt it is just to open your in the latest version of QuickTime on OS X, select File > Save As and export in the ‘’ format.

3rd Step: (you have Import to )
Now you have to go to File > Import and select Frames to Layers. Now here you have to select the you grabbed from YouTube. At this moment will prompt you to import your footage. If your is very short (i.e., under five seconds), just go ahd and import From Beginning to End, and make sure you’ve got ‘Make Frame Animation’ selected. For longer s, use Selected Range only, and select the duration of you want to grab by holding down Shift and sliding across the timeline. Just go for the eral length; you can crop tighter in the next step.

4th Step: (Twk the GIF):
The frames to layers tool imports every frame of your into a different layer in , which mns a two or three second will lve you with hundreds of frames. After importing, the Animation window should appr (Window > Animation will bring it up if it doesn’t), revling every layer as its own separate frame. Just like editing in i or other editing apps, just find the beginning and end of the action and delete all the other frames. Depending on what you’re going for, this may be only 10 frames or it may in the hundreds.

5th Step: (Export)
Once you’re satisfied with your crtion you have to follow these steps here to export. First In the animation window, make sure you’ve set the dropdown to ‘Forever’. Then Select File > Save for Web & Devices. Now under export settings, set filetype to GIF. Finally Save, upload to your favorite host and enjoy.
So this is the total process and enjoy..

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