Saturday, May 28, 2016

Unlock Memory Card Trick

Unlock Memory Card Trick
If you protect your memory card with and forgot that after few day then step sy method How to unlock Memory card without software.
1. or finding memory card .
2.Formatting corrupted memory card(but no guaranteed).
There are many methods to find memory card .
Install and launch MMCPWD appliion. it will display some special characters including your .(MMCPwd.sis)Loe mmcstore file. install and launch System Explorer or FExplorer appliion. go to c:system and open (using uni/hex editor) the mmcstore file. it will display your .NOTE: you can also copy the mmcstore file to any folder of your phone memory, rename it to mmcstore.txt and open it without using any uni/hex editor).open up fe explorer thingy.Go to C:system folder and loe a file called mmcStore. Scroll down till you find it.Copy it to C:othersHighlight itclick optionsFILE>RENAMEIT should turn blue: right click then write “.txt” (should look like “MMCSTORE.txt”try to open it, (that should be your , if nothing happens then go to 9.)connect phone to pcOpen the file from C:OTHERSMMCSTOREcopy the file to your desktopopen with notepad/ wordthat should be your Hope these work for you if still need software than you reply me i will provide as soon as possible.

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