Saturday, May 28, 2016

How To Make Money By Uploading

How To Make Money By Uploading
Today I am going to write a tutorial about How to rn Money by Uploading. This tutorial will be totally written by me. I hope the newbies can understand this simple tutorial and can start rning some pennies in start and can improve slowly with time.

What is Uploading?Uploading is transmission of files from PC to any filehost or to ftp.How to Upload?You just browse a file which you want to upload and then you click on Upload (In any filehost) and the file begins uploading.
How to rn?Basically this is what everyone wanna know that how to rn. All newbies work very much hard but they can’t rn much. What they do is just leech from any site and then upload to -bb.
Now here is a simple and short tutorial on how to rn via Uploading.
To get some top sites, visit the Link Below:
1. Now what you should do is first arrange your tools and your plans. Try getting a Sborg, Rdp or RL.
Sborg -> sBorg is a p based script that is capable of downloading from several filehosts and uploading the files back to your account in select filehosts.
RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) -> Remote desktop protocol is Unlike a typical VPN connection (which will give a remote PC access to the company network) Remote Desktop will actually allow you to see and control your connected PC as though you were sitting directly in front of it.
RapidLeech -> Rapid Leech is a free server transfer script for use on various popular upload/download sites such as and Rapidshare.com2. Now you should know how they all works, You can take help of any friend or there are many tutorials.
3. Third step is that you should make a cln layout for your posts so that people may like it and get attracted towards it. Here are some users of -bb whose posts are cln.
-.::Faizann20::. (Not so much)
-I am Awesome
-n4. After you get a nice layout’s id, get some Gfx done.
5. Now the next Thing is leeching, Some sites from where you can leech are given below:
You have to get any invite from some friends to access Ip
There are many other good sites but I prefer Ip.6. Now just Download/Upload and post your thrd in various forums. One thing must be kept in mind that you should have a cln and nice layout. It may take some time to make a post but you should spend some time in start to be popular among the downloaders.
7. Porn rns maximum to you but those who cannot upload porn, can upload too.
1. You can go to all scene relse sites like:
There are many others too.2. Just download with the link given in the posts at these sites and then upload to your account and try to post there as rlier as possible.

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