Saturday, May 28, 2016

Facebook’s Sort option at News Feed

Next few days, Facebook willroll out a “Sort” optionat the top of the news feed that lets users select to see Recent Stories First instd of the default Highlighted Stories. The new fture should apprs users miffed byFacebook’s move to combine the old Most Recent and Top Stories news feed tabsinto a single strm. Until now, the hybrid news feed launched in September forced users to first see what Facebook considered the most relevant content. Some users found these decisions inaccurate even though they have the option to tch the aorithm.

Sort fture lets users prioritize rl-time updates over older content that’s been deemed compelling because of Likes, comments, clicks, and the viewer’s relationship to a story’s author. However, it doesn’t split the feed in two. Facebook tells me “The intent behind these updates is to make News Feed sier to navigate while still showing all the news in one place.” One’s Sort setting will presumably persist across sessions so you won’t have to reset it ch time you log in.

Update:Facebook has informed me that the Sort button will reset after users have been away for awhile. This mns those who don’t prefer Facebook’s Highlighted Stories will still have to see them first on occasion, so there will still be opportunities for discontent.

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