Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to crte editable pdf

Here we will discuss the different steps that will help in crting an editable pdf file.

First of all what you need to do is install any free pdf crting program. You can download PDfill for this purpose and make sure that different pdf programs come with different types of instructions.Now you can open the source program from which you want to cerate pdf file. From the save menu options change the format of file. For example if the file is in MS Word format you can open it and change the format with the help of save as option, this will make sure that the file is compatible and different ftures related to pdf file will function properly.Now launch the pdf program which you downloaded rlier and install it. After installing it open the pdf project from the program. Select the file from the loion where you rlier saved it and start the process of crting an editable pdf file.Click on the “View” button and then click on “Toolbars” and then select “Forms” toolbar. Make sure you click once on “Text Form Field” that is present in the “Forms” toolbar, with lower cases ‘a and b ‘present there. Click on the PDF document, the specific ar where you want to do some editing, extend the box accordingly and start editing. You will see a properties box after you click on mouse button. Adjust the different ftures and when you are done press the Ok button.You can insert an editable field more than one time in the pdf file, depending on the amount of editing you have to do. When you are done with editing, highlight the specific ar select the option of editing current objects properties, this will conclude the process of editing.After you are done with the process of editing you can save the project you opened in pdf format. It is quite sy to edit a pdf file and make the necessary changes. All you need to know is about the right tools and commands that will help in editing a pdf file.

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