Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to delete facebook timeline

Facebook is referred to as the most common medium of interaction adopted by the online users. Facebook is being used for different purposes and there are several million people online. Facebook tm and management keep on changing different Facebook options from time to time. Some users find these changes plsant and interesting while many find these changes to be irritating. It is just an analysis, derived from the mass using Facebook from a significant period of time.A recent change has come out with the label of ‘Timeline’ and converts your profile to a series of comments, photos and status updates according to the months and yrs.
Many Facebook users were irritated by this new format and wanted to change back to their previous format. It is impossible to completely shift back to the old format, but, you can make some changes to manage the visibility of comments and post you publish. There are different methods of removing the timeline from different browsers; it depends on the type of browser you are using.Delete timeline for Google Chrome user:First of all install the extension F.B PurityAfter you have loed the extension download it and save it, it is a .bat fileTo activate this extension shut down Google Chrome and activate the downloaded extension now this extension will use IE7 as a user at of Google ChromeWhen you view your Facebook profile after restarting Google Chrome you will view different changes. But, do remember you will get the new Timeline one day or anotherDelete timeline for Firefox user:First of all install the extension F.B purityNow you need to install an add-on from the following link you need to switch to IE 7 by going to Tools, then User At Switcher and enter the Internet Explorer menuNow you will be able to see the profile in the old Facebook formatThe changes that occur to the timeline format are not permanent. The Facebook development tm makes these changes, for an sy adaptation of Facebook page on different latest devices. One day or another all of the Fcaebook users will have the timeline format. It is also to be noted that the methods used for removing timeline will also keep on changing from time to time.

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