Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Folder using board Shortcut

Usually we crte new folder in by right clicking and then going to New –> Folder. But how to crte a new folder using board shortcuts?

Hold down Alt + F, then let go of the Alt and press W+ F. This will crte new folder.
The above step works for Xp, Vista.

7 Crtes New Folders With a HotGood news, board-shortcut lovers! 7 finally includes the ability to add new folders from the board with a shortcut combination.
To crte a new folder, simply press Ctrl+Shift+N with an explorer window open and the folder will instantly show up, rdy to be renamed to something more useful. You can also crte a shortcut on your desktop by minimizing all open or using the Win+D combination to show the desktop, and then just hit the new folder shortcut to crte a new folder. It's a tiny, but extremely useful tip—though if you prefer the mouse you'll be happy to know that 7 includes a New Folder button as well.

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