Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to Hide Offline Friends on Facebook Chat

How to Hide Offline Friends on Facebook Chat
Facebook has become a vast network to meet and chat with friends online. There are lot of people who used to chat online on facebook everyday, but after the facebook tm updated chat section of facebook with a new one, most of the users are feeling it incomfortable. As it shows offline friends along with the online friends in the same window, and also show live feeds on top of the chat section, which has made some incomfortable feeling wih this new chat interface. So if you are one of those who hate to see offline friends shuffled with online friends on facebook here is the trick.How?
This trick to hide offline contacts on facebook works only on google chrome web browser,If you are using google chrome , then follow with the folling steps to hide your offline friends, you can also hide live feeds section of your facebook.-download the extension.- The above download link works only on os.
- If you are on linux or mac platform then drag and dropThis linkto your bookmarks bar.
- Hide your offline friends and start chatting with only those who are online!

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