Saturday, May 28, 2016

How To Add Google Translate To Your Site

You will install Google Translate box to your website, so your website can be seen in different languages for rching a larger userbase. These are the steps to add google translate to your site

First of all, Go to Google Translate Tools page.There, you can see the configuration options to enable translation for your site. On that page, you will find:Step 1:
Type of Translation element:Since we are adding the translation service to translate the entire webpages, we will choose “Add translation to the entire webpage“.
Step 2:
Language:Here, you will have to specify the language of your site. E.g,. English.
Step 3:
Optional Settings:These settings allow you to change the look of the translation widget on your site. We don’t need to change anything here, as the default look is good.
Step 4:
Snippet:This is exactly what we needed. This is the which you have to paste on your site in order to show the Google Translate widget on your site.
If you are using WordPress as your site platform, then follow below steps to add the snippet to your site.(i) Go to your WordPress admin ar followed by Apprance>>Widgets.
(ii) Now, just enable the Text widget from there and paste the .
That’s it. You have now enabled the Google Translation Service on your site. If you are using Blogger as your site platform, then you can sily add the Translation widget directly from the Translation tools page.

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