Saturday, May 28, 2016

Install XP through USB Drive/PenDrive

Using Optical Drive is out of fashion with the incrsing trend of using pendrive.Installing operating system using pendrive is the only way when your optical drive get crashed or not working.So here is quick and sy way to install xp through pendrive.
1). Win Setup From Usb(Link to Download)2). XP Setup
Follow the Steps to make this stuffs works Successfully..
Step 1: First insert the xp in the optical drive and copy all setup files from to a new folder.(If you have a file , you can use winrar or 7zip to extract files.)Step 2: Download and install 'win setup form usb' tool.

Step 3: Browse for the folder in which you previously copied all setup file.Step 4: Select your pendrive in the 'usb selection'. and lve all the option as it is.After that press GO.Step 5: It take some time to copy all files in the pendrive.Now your pendrive is rdy to boot.In the bios select your pendrive as the first boot device and your hard as second.

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